I'm Tomer Filiba, 28 years old, living in Tel Aviv, Israel. I graduated in 2012 from Tel Aviv University, where I studied Computer Science and Generative Linguistics. I am a long-time Python developer and the author of multiple open source Python projects, most notable of which are RPyC, Construct and Plumbum.

My areas of research include domain specific languages (mostly in the form of intra-language combinators), automatic deduction of user interface, transparent networking and RPC and coroutine-based parallelization. I am also interested in computational models and their expressive power, abstract algebra, advanced type systems and logics.

On my less geeky-side, I enjoy (at no particular order) history and fiction books, exploring the world, growing herbs and a small avocado tree in flowerpots, good beer and wine, music, wandering for hours on Wikipedia and my lovely wife. This site is both my personal homepage and professional blog, so don't be surprised to find a mix of technical posts next to opinions or the occasional venting.