Some Notes on RPyC 3.2.x
June 06, 2012

As I said in the previous blog post, I hoped for v3.2.2 to be the last release of the 3.2 line… Naturally, I was wrong :) Turns out the fix for issue #76 was buggy, and I decided to finally remove the use of excepthooks in favor of taking care of remote traceback chaining in the exception class’ __str__ method itself. The tentative release date for the release is August 1st, and I really hope to end the 3.2 line here.

I created a branch called LTS3.2 which will be used only for back-porting bug fixes from the master branch, which has now become the development branch of 3.3. I rebased master on top of LTS3.2 now, so that the two would have linear histories, which of course resulted in a forced update, so anyone who was using master for development would now have to do git fetch origin; git reset --hard origin/master instead of a simple git pull. It’s not supposed to happen again, sorry.

There shouldn’t be any more features in v3.2.3, so the development would take place on master, from which I’ll cherry-pick bug fixes onto LTS3.2. That’s all for now…