A Python Crash Course for the Statically Typed Programmer November 15, 2013 Python is a multi-paradigm (hybrid) language. It's fully object-oriented but has strong functional roots. Note that this isn't a [beginner's tutorial](http://learnpython.org/) but a quick reference for the language and its features that should allow you to write basic Python ASAP. If you had taken any academic course that involves programming,... »»»
Pool Request June 16, 2013 »»»
Travolta NXT April 14, 2013 Abstract Travolta NXT, the dancing robot, reads color-coded dance instructions from a strip of paper and then performs the dance, in front of the astonished audience. Modus Operandi Travolta starts (and waits 3 seconds for the console to connect) It begins by reading color-coded dance moves from a strip of... »»»
Formal Logic November 20, 2012 »»»
WHO HAS CHEEZBURGER? February 03, 2012 Too much Wireshark… »»»
Foxx0rz January 22, 2012 This is Foxx0rz, our course’ mascot. He’s written in C (compiles under MSVC++ 6 to be exact), and we had it printed on T-shirts… ‘twas fun. Here’s a downloadable version And this is the output: »»»
לקט ציטוטי מורים December 01, 2011 לקט ציטוטים שאספתי במהלך התיכון. לינק ל PDF »»»